You are also a tea lover, you do not even drink tea while these mistakes

There is no shortage of tea lovers in our country, many people are like those who just want to pretend to drink tea. According to each season we get tea and many varieties of tea. Like our country variations, the taste of tea changes as the city changes. And the smell of tea changes as soon as the climate changes.

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But many of us are people, who often make many mistakes while drinking tea. But these mistakes can be very heavy on you. Let's know what many of us do when making tea while drinking tea
Do not drink empty stomach tea

Many of us drink empty stomach tea. Due to this increase in acidity, there can be serious diseases such as free radicals and cancer and early aging can occur.
Do not make mistakes while making tea

It is necessary to boil it well while making tea but not boiling extra. Drinking by boiling or hardening tea is the biggest mistake. This method causes acidity. For this, boil water well and put tea leaves in it before it is flushed.
Do not drink tea after eating

Some people get used to it, just after eating food, drinking tea But this method is even more wrong then. By doing this, the nutrients found in your body will not be absorbed when you eat food.
Drink in a limited amount

Excessive intake of tea is harmful. In some ways tea is absolutely like alcohol, which does activate your muscles but its consumption is extremely harmful. Take it for a limited amount.
Do not use much of the tea masala

Using some drugs such as basil etc. can also be a mistake in tea, because caffeine present in the tea prevents the absorption of the properties of these drugs.