value of life

In a Gurukul, the master was teaching on life, then a disciple asked his master that what is the value of life and how it is decided?

The master gave a bright stone to his disciple and told him to go and know the value of this bright stone. You will get the answer to your question, but to take care of one thing, this stone is not to be sold. The disciple first went to the market and showed him a fruit. He went to the fruitful person with that bright stone and said what is the value of this stone?
Seeing that bright stone, fruit said, "Take two kilos of fruit and give this stone to me"

The disciple further showed the stone to a vegetable person and asked for its price. The vegetable looked at that bright stone and told him to take a sack of vegetables and leave this bright stone to me.

The disciple went to a goldsmith and showed him bright stones. The goldsmith looked at that bright stone and said, sell it to 50 lakhs. The disciple also refused him, then gave gold in a million rupees or give it to tell you how much it needs. The disciple told that goldsmith that I want to apologize. I can not sell this because my guru has refused to sell it.

The disciple went to a jeweler who sold a large diamond and showed him a bright stone. Johari saw the stone and told the disciple that it was a precious ruby. She lay a red colored cloth near Ruby, and then the stone that is orbiting the precious Ruby, and spreading her forehead.
The jeweler told the disciple that this is a very rarely found Ruby. Where have you brought this? For this, even millions of rupees are less.
The disciple was shocked and disturbed and went straight to his master and then told all the talk and said please please tell me what is the value of life of guru
The master said:
On display of the fruit, he described it as "2 kg fruit".
When he went to the vegetable person, he called it "a sack of vegetables".
The goldsmith further declared "one million" and jeweler prized it.
Similarly, the value of life is also the value of life.

You are undoubtedly like a diamond. But the front will always put your price on your status - your information - according to your understanding. The value of life is invaluable. Nobody can afford it

Therefore, if someone criticizes your ability at any point of life or you feel rejected, do not panic because you will also find people who recognize you in the world.