The first rule of success; Do not run, just wake up

In today's world very few people see true passion. All the people in this cave of modernization want to burst. Often we hear and hear such stories in newspapers, news channels that overnight success has led many people to move. By seeing and hearing such stories, we also feel that we also get all those things as soon as possible.

According to writer Leonard Pitts: "Often, seeing people's success, we feel that getting big names or succeeding is a left-handed game because we do not have any idea of ​​hard work and perseverance behind their success. . . . We only see success and success.

But what does true passion mean? True passion means' in any condition, in spite of failures or problems, to remain firm or engaged in its purpose or work. This story of Einstein is an example of true passion;


Whenever great scientist Elbert Einstein used to do any work, he was lost in that work. They were not aware of any other work. Once he was doing any work in his laboratory, his wife came with food for him. Seeing them lost in work, they left their plate on a table. They thought that whenever they get out of work they will eat food. Along with that Einstein's co-friends were also involved in the work. Seeing the food plate, their appetite got worse and they left Einstein and went to eat food. They also ate the food of Einstein with their food. Einstein was engaged in his work with complete perseverance. When he dealt with his work, he went to his table to eat the food and he saw all the vessels empty. They thought that I had eaten the food and after drinking water, I got back to work. All his colleagues became interested in their perseverance towards work. This is true passion for work

    Lord Krishna in the Gita says that it is extremely difficult to cross his illusion. It is not possible for every creature to cross or pass his maya. But if the heart is strong in the heart, then God also stands behind you and impossible work is also possible.