Tech Tricks or Life Hacks

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 Airplane mode is used to charge mobile phones if the battery is charged to charge the battery.

    If the freezer is Rakhi to Anki Life double, if I recharge the rechargeable battery.

    You can also search the Google toolbar for your "5 minute search timer" [or Google suggestions].
    The charging time is to use a mobile phone that has a mobile phone or the charger is on that the cable is hot.
    If the battery has a diameter of 6 inches, then it has a matching value, or if it is one end of the battery.
    The agar has lost its mobile battery, your airplane mode is borrowed for me. On off. I'll finish the used battery.
    If you have a computer, you can open Google Chrome Frame in the same way.
    From the site, you can send me an email about your future.
    Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Button Button I will open the Task Manager.
    If you want to delete the "PDF" file from your previous "exe" file and then delete it, you must confirm it.
    To get the size of the Youtube player, go to the Ctrl - - Click the button to get the button.
    If you have any video in the Youtube video, you will have audio discounts on the screen off.
    If you have been looking for a particular study related to, you can still have a result of the research at
    Game me ads for the band, the airplane mode in the game khelte time mobile ko airplane.
    To download a Youtube video to another, copy the URL of the video to or download it.
    If you have a hotel or a mobile phone, you can check the UBD port for the TV.
    The Android aapka Agar phone is neither silent nor silent. Find that your phone rings from the ring of my phone.
    If you open a browser in a tab, press Ctrl for Shift.
    For Wikipedia: I would like to go directly to the information link directly to "on" and "simple". Example:>
    Repeat the video playing a Youtube video or "Repeat" to "www.yy" or ".com". Example:
    ProxTube is not allowed for me, the country is not allowed for me. asks you to verify the duplicate email address or the account.
    Also delete your account by clicking on
    If you want to send me a flight number to Google, you must go to the location of your location.
    Agar Mobile holds us, the prosecutor has been lagane as usual.
    Turn on the video by pressing the keyboard on the keyboard or J.
    In 15 minutes, you can get healthy food or health if you sleep 2 beds.
    If there is not a website that blocks your school / university computer, you can use the kaxy Google Translate tray. Simply copy / paste the URL of the block
    To install the Hemsa software, configure the custom installation option, you will not be asked to install or install the toolbar toolbar.
    The use of ko microphones for headphones can also be used to record audio.
    The free part of the trial version is the date of the computer.
    If you want to call the customer service call or number key, or if you have a direct customer service officer to talk to you about the war.
    In the PowerPoint presentation, "PowserPoint Show" (ppsx) has the right to open the presentation.
    The ATM card needs to be covered, so if you want to use the ATM to call the ATM, then, if you want to use the ATM, you can send it to 3 by clicking on the PIN and then blocking the ATM.
    The LCD screen has eroded with the result of zero.
    If your password is wartime, then you will have to use a password to use a word from the site that will send a password or any other password.
    If you want to synchronize Gmail with your contacts, return to the end of the contact you are loading.
    To set the song alarm, set the song to your song and you can not even play it.
    You can search Ctrl F to search for any other page in the browser.
    I have a qualification of 3 grades for Jarur Pade, so I still have a grade.