Sibagatullah Mujadidi becomes Afghan President from Mujahideen

Kabul, AFP Sibagatullah Mujaddadi (92), who became Afghanistan's first president after the fall of the Soviet forces and the fall of communist rule, died on Monday. He was ill for a long time. He had fought against the Soviet Union and had reached the Presidential position from the Mujahideen commander.

Mujaddi was commander of the US-backed Mujahideen faction fighting for nearly a decade against Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. On receiving the news of the death, many Afghan leaders including former President Hamid Karzai reached Mujadidi's house and expressed his condolences.

Afghanistan's Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah wrote on Mujadidi's Twitter: "He had an important role in all national issues. His legacy will be part of the history of Afghanistan. ' The withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan took place on February 15, 1989. Mujadidi, who led the Afghan National Liberation Front in 1992, was elected the Interim President.