Psychologists Tricks

Psychologists tricks

Psychologists or most successful people find out the seating and walking of people around them that they are thinking about themselves and about the front. If you want to find people's thoughts with the gestures of people, then the cyclical tricks given in this slideshow will be of great value to you.

Look at the feet

If a person is sitting on your side but the feet are not on your side then understand that the person is not interested in talking to you and he wants to end this conversation or meeting immediately.

In interview

If you are going to an interview then remember, first of all in the interview or the last one. Going both of these times, you will always be in the mind of the interviewer and he will have time to listen to your talks. This technique can be useful for you in an important interview.

During the debate

During any debate, always stand behind the person or behind another person, not just standing in front of him. It goes straight to his mind and talks about that thing. This is exactly the same way when someone speaks in the middle of the crowd, then everyone's attention goes towards that. Try this trick at the time when the debate is coming out of your hands.

A miracle

A Happy Customer and a Happy Boss is completely myth and your job is to translate it into reality. In this case, the mirror will help you. Place a mirror in your shop or chamber where the customer and boss can see yourself in the mirror. Nobody wants to see their angry face. In such a situation, whenever they will get angry they will be able to see themselves in their own eyes.

Who is your close friend

Identify the close friend when you are in the group and suddenly a laugh comes and everyone is laughing. If you see someone while laughing among these laughing people, then you know that the banda considers you to be your best friend.