Pakistan / Foreign Ministry website hack, officers suspect India

Islamabad. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry website has been hacked. The officers of the ministry informed about this. According to Pak Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal, people from many countries told that they could not open the website. Pak officials have feared hacking from India.
Trying to open website

    Faisal told that the IT team is busy trying to open the website. However, the website is running in Pakistan without any difficulty.

    According to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the UK and Netherlands have difficulty in opening the website. Three months after the Pulwama attack, there is news of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry's website being hacked.

    On Thursday, the militant of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Adil Ahmed Dar, collided with a CRPF bus carrying a 80 kg RDX bus in Pulwama, Kashmir. In it, 39 people sitting in the bus fell dead. Apart from this, a young man from the Road Opening party was also martyred. There were 78 vehicles in the CRPF convoy

    After the attack, India took away the status of Most Favored Nation from Pakistan. More than 50 countries have condemned the attack. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that every Indian's blood has been boiling after the attack. They were given full exemption for when and how the Indian army would take action. The punishment of the attackers will definitely be found.