Follow her heart for a business

Using the Eastern tradition with a modern aesthetic, Manjrie's generous fine jewelry design empowers artisan communities in India. They say that every piece of jewelery tells a story. For entrepreneur Manjari Gupta, his personal collection is his way of connecting with his roots and remembering the moments. "Even before I became a designer, I am always fascinated by the work of artisans in India and am fascinated by the old world heritage."

A decade ago, he was tired of his job as a computer science engineer. While making a leap of confidence, he decided to leave his established career behind and enrolled in the gymnasium in Gemology at the International Gemological Institute (IGG). "At that time, I knew that I was always fascinated by diamonds, jewels and precious stones, so I thought why not?"
Manjari Gupta, owner of Jewelery Store in Singapore
Manjari Gupta - "My inspiration was always to give back the force behind starting this business, and to help create craftsmanship for artisans from India in India."

After qualifying, he designed his eyes. Displaying a distinction for a brand, which combines traditional Indian elements with a chic beauty, later started working on designs for what will be the enormity: With the modern silhouette of the West, the ex-foreign elements Melting her nominated fine jewelry label

The eye-catching collection of labels provides sets of necklaces, bracelets and rings, handcrafted in gold or silver and with diamonds, polki diamonds or precious gems, which are carefully citrus. His ready-to-wear lines display Lux design with a more fashionable finish as well as a fashion-forward but low-priced Sterling Silver Range; There is something for all the taste and budget.

What is more, the production of Manjari supports the independent artisans in their country of India. "To start this business, I had to always give back a driving force, and to help create the opportunity for craftsmen from craft families in India. Rather than missing the skills, their next generation can retain tradition rather than establish big cities to earn livelihood. Through design opportunities, Manjari helps keep that heritage alive. "

When it comes to a design approach, she says that this idea is for "season-less" designs; "We only make some signature pieces that we repeat." After a lot of demand, Manjhi has also started taking aspiration commission for special occasions such as engagement, weddings, Valentine's Day or anniversary.

The charm of Manjari jewelery is that every design tells a beautiful story. Take Navratni Lotus Bracelet, the first piece that he designed for his launch: handcrafted in Rajasthan, its nine gems (including red tourmaline, yellow citrine, green avenurein and blue iolite) in Sanskrit as "Navaratna" Known, and they are symbols of Vedic (ancient Hindi) nine planets in astrology. The centerpit is 18-carat gold, which is engraved in lotus flower, which is considered a symbol of purity of body, mind and speech in Buddhism.

Another eye-catching team is the Victorian Rootety and Diamond Earrings. Taking inspiration from the Victorian era, each piece is made with a magnificent cut diamond and 14-carat gold with a natural Rootile set.

After going to Singapore two years ago, Manjari has taken entrepreneurship in his progress while showing his collection at the jewelery exhibition and enjoying joining in custom projects. What's in store for the future? "One thing is certain. Whatever design we make, I want them to be meaningful, come back, cheer customers and show the world that traditional craftsmanship can still look premium, desirable and stylish."