Five Questions to Ask Your Suit Tailor

Going for a bespoke suit? great choice! But with all the clothes you choose, changes and custom details, where do you start on earth?

We spoke to The Buscom Club's Chief Fashion Advisor - Ricky Rawat, who is one of Singapore's extraordinary - about the five major questions that you should ask your tailor.

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What color should my first suit be?
A good rule of thumb is to stick to classic colors and patterns that never go out of style; The suit of the suit will be as rugged, you will wear that less. Personally, I recommend an unrelated navy or wood charcoal for your first pre-suit. Both shades are important enough that you are enough to take out an important business meeting at night in the city.

Should I choose a two-or three-piece style?
Being a conservative, I always advise that your first betweep suit should be a three-piece This is a complete suit that you can wear with or without vest - this option is great. Eventually, however, a good tailor will assess your lifestyle and routine, and will determine which style is best for you.

What is the best way to take care of a suit?
Always keep your suites in a well ventilated place, never put in plastic dry-cleaning bags. Also, try to limit it to how often you let your suits dry twice or four in a year. For crease removal, steaming is always considered better for ironing because it has a lot of genders on the fabric.

How much fittings do I need?
In the absurd club, we usually look at three fittings. If a customer needs more, then we will adjust accordingly. During the first fitting, 24 to 26 measures are taken. On the other hand, an analog suit is tried, and we make adjustments and changes at this level where necessary. Until the third meeting, the suit is generally well adjusted and finalized, but we still check the fit so that it is sure that it is immaculate and you are happy with your choice. In the description, the proverb, the devil underlines our ethos.

Which style would suit my body type?
For a small or stockier type of body, we recommend slim relationships and narrow lapels, and stick to a single-breasted suit jacket. The trouser should have very little break in the foot, and the first button should be less than normal. All these details will prolong the body.

Tailors and slimmers should wear two-button suits with high lapels, and their proportion is broad and slightly smaller to balance. The light color will add bulk to the slimmer frame. I advise to avoid shoulder pads, because they can strengthen your frame. To prevent the feet from looking for long, keep the trousers liberal, or alternatively choose the option of turn-ups (cough).

Men should wear their shirts on large material, and clean the roomer suit because the extra material adds bulk. Pocket Square is a great way to pay attention to the stomach area. Apart from this, I advise to leave your jacket without leaving it and to avoid slim relationships.