Facebook launches 'unsensate' feature, such messages will be deleted forever

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San Francisco:

Social networking site Facebook has released an 'Unsend' feature for its messaging app, Messenger, which will allow users to delete their messages within 10 minutes of chat thread. The Verge report stated, "Facebook has said that the new feature will be available in the latest version of their Messenger on iOS and Android (Android). The company said that the new power of Zuckerberg Based on this, but there has been some improvement in providing mass functionality to the people on Messenger. "

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This is similar to the Unsend feature of WhatsApp. This feature gives users two options. First 'Remove For Everyone' and 'Second Remote for You'. These options are now also available on Messenger.

Facebook-owned Photo-Messaging App Instagram (Instagram) is already supporting 'unsensate' capability and gives users the ability to delete messages sent in a personal or group chat.