Emergency of fear of polar beers on the island of Russia, people living in homes

Moscow, JNN In the remote area of ​​Russia, Nova Jimiya island, dozens of people have been roasted polar beers. So, people are forced to stay closed in the houses. There are also reports that hunger polar beers attacked some people. In view of this, the officials have set up a team of experts, who have been emergency in the area, who can remove the beers from there.

Nearly three thousand people live in the Novaya Jemlia Archipelogo, an island region near the Archipelago Ocean. The people here appealed to the local authorities for help, after which teams were deployed to remove polar beers from the area and the emergency was imposed in view of the safety of the people. Local administration chief Jigansha Mushin said that the bears are following people.

The deputy head of the area Alexander Minayev said that people are scared and are unable to get the courage to leave their homes. Parents are not sending their children to school. In one footage it can be seen that polar beers have been forced to eat the left-wing food from the local garbage.

Earlier in the year 2016 there was a similar incident. At that time, the team investigating the weather was trapped in the remote area, Trinoy for two weeks. During that time, the herd of polar beers surrounded them. Let's say that the prevalence of polar beers in Russia is banned so that they can not be killed even when they appear in residential areas. The government has refused to license them to shoot.