Consent to build wall on US-Mexico border, Trump gets $ 1.4 billion in funding

Washington: There has been an agreement between US lawmakers to prevent government work from being stalled and to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Under the agreement on Monday night, President Donald Trump will get only $ 1.4 billion in funding to build a wall. According to parliamentary colleagues, the Republican Party of Trump did not want to let the government function back in any situation. In such a situation, they had to compromise with the amount of money to build the wall. Trump demanded $ 5.7 billion for this, but he is getting very little about $ 1.4 billion. With this money, only 55 miles long fencing can take place. It will be a steel fence while Trump promised to build a concrete wall. The White House talked of building a 215-mile long wall in December. The wall will be built in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with the sum of the agreement on Monday.

Donald Trump speaks at the State of Union address: I will make a wall on the US-Mexico border

Richard Shelby, chairman of the Senate's Appropriation Committee, said, "The theoretical agreement between us has become". Nita Lovie, chairman of the Appropriation Committee of the House, said, "Our employees are working on the details". Its detailed information will be formally released on Tuesday or thereafter. Significantly, this agreement between the MPs has again happened this weekend between the threat of government stalling. The colleagues say that due to temporary being, the information about the agreement is not being made public, it is being kept confidential. In this agreement, the use of new technologies like better sorting on entry points on the border, demand of Democratic Party of humanitarian aid and deployment of additional customs officials etc. have also been included.