China will not sell aircraft carriers, denied news

China on Thursday denied media reports that Beijing was planning to sell its first aircraft carrier 'Running' to Pakistan. China has said that other nations have to adhere to the strict principles before exporting their navy ship.

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On February 10, a Pakistani daily had quoted the Chinese and Russian media reports, "The Chinese government has decided to sell its first and only aircraft to Pakistan ... to increase the capacity of the Pakistan Navy, in the unexpected prices being given.' This move by China will make Pakistan's navy stronger than India. Indian Navy has an Operation Aircraft Carrier. It was further stated in the report that after upgrading 'Launing' to a large level, it will be recycled to Pakistan.

On giving the statement on the report, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said, "I have not yet seen the report about which you are talking about. But while selling its navy ship to other countries, China has always been following its rules and principles. "

It was also stated in this report that the Pakistani army has a close relation with China and China is now building 4 modern navy vessels for Pakistan. However, Chinese military experts dismissed reports of selling lounging to Pakistan. According to the news published in China's Global Times, the Chinese government has never made such a deal and there is no such plan. It was also reported in the news that the report of the Chinese media quoted in the Pakistani newspaper could not find the Global Times reporter.

A Chinese military expert and commentator Sog Jongping told the Global Times that the allegations are baseless and completely false. This first aircraft carrier from China comes in both training and warfare, so the probability of reselling it is zero. Song said that China does not have extra carrier to sell Pakistan.

Launing is China's only aircraft carrier that works now. This is China's first career which was fully developed in the country and it is known as type-2001A and it is still on sea trials.

There are reports of China working on third aircraft carrier yet. However, there are reports that by 2030-2035 China will have less work aircraft carriers, in which two nuclear powered The Global Times said that the Chinese Ministry of Defense has not yet disclosed any plans related to future careers.