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Psychologists Tricks

Psychologists tricks

Psychologists or most successful people find out the seating and walking of people around them that they are thinking about themselves and about the front. If you want to find people's thoughts with the gestures of people, then the cyclical tricks given in this slideshow will be of great value to you.

Look at the feet

If a person is sitting on your side but the feet are not on your side then understand that the person is not interested in talking to you and he wants to end this conversation or meeting immediately.

In interview

If you are going to an interview then remember, first of all in the interview or the last one. Going both of these times, you will always be in the mind of the interviewer and he will have time to listen to your talks. This technique can be useful for you in an important interview.

During the debate

During any debate, always stand behind the person or behind another person, not just standing in front of him. It goes straight to his mind and talks about that thing. This is exactly the same way when someone speaks in the middle of the crowd, then everyone's attention goes towards that. Try this trick at the time when the debate is coming out of your hands.

A miracle

A Happy Customer and a Happy Boss is completely myth and your job is to translate it into reality. In this case, the mirror will help you. Place a mirror in your shop or chamber where the customer and boss can see yourself in the mirror. Nobody wants to see their angry face. In such a situation, whenever they will get angry they will be able to see themselves in their own eyes.

Who is your close friend

Identify the close friend when you are in the group and suddenly a laugh comes and everyone is laughing. If you see someone while laughing among these laughing people, then you know that the banda considers you to be your best friend.

Tech Tricks or Life Hacks

Image result for LIFE HACK  
 Airplane mode is used to charge mobile phones if the battery is charged to charge the battery.

    If the freezer is Rakhi to Anki Life double, if I recharge the rechargeable battery.

    You can also search the Google toolbar for your "5 minute search timer" [or Google suggestions].
    The charging time is to use a mobile phone that has a mobile phone or the charger is on that the cable is hot.
    If the battery has a diameter of 6 inches, then it has a matching value, or if it is one end of the battery.
    The agar has lost its mobile battery, your airplane mode is borrowed for me. On off. I'll finish the used battery.
    If you have a computer, you can open Google Chrome Frame in the same way.
    From the site, you can send me an email about your future.
    Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Button Button I will open the Task Manager.
    If you want to delete the "PDF" file from your previous "exe" file and then delete it, you must confirm it.
    To get the size of the Youtube player, go to the Ctrl - - Click the button to get the button.
    If you have any video in the Youtube video, you will have audio discounts on the screen off.
    If you have been looking for a particular study related to, you can still have a result of the research at
    Game me ads for the band, the airplane mode in the game khelte time mobile ko airplane.
    To download a Youtube video to another, copy the URL of the video to or download it.
    If you have a hotel or a mobile phone, you can check the UBD port for the TV.
    The Android aapka Agar phone is neither silent nor silent. Find that your phone rings from the ring of my phone.
    If you open a browser in a tab, press Ctrl for Shift.
    For Wikipedia: I would like to go directly to the information link directly to "on" and "simple". Example:>
    Repeat the video playing a Youtube video or "Repeat" to "www.yy" or ".com". Example:
    ProxTube is not allowed for me, the country is not allowed for me. asks you to verify the duplicate email address or the account.
    Also delete your account by clicking on
    If you want to send me a flight number to Google, you must go to the location of your location.
    Agar Mobile holds us, the prosecutor has been lagane as usual.
    Turn on the video by pressing the keyboard on the keyboard or J.
    In 15 minutes, you can get healthy food or health if you sleep 2 beds.
    If there is not a website that blocks your school / university computer, you can use the kaxy Google Translate tray. Simply copy / paste the URL of the block
    To install the Hemsa software, configure the custom installation option, you will not be asked to install or install the toolbar toolbar.
    The use of ko microphones for headphones can also be used to record audio.
    The free part of the trial version is the date of the computer.
    If you want to call the customer service call or number key, or if you have a direct customer service officer to talk to you about the war.
    In the PowerPoint presentation, "PowserPoint Show" (ppsx) has the right to open the presentation.
    The ATM card needs to be covered, so if you want to use the ATM to call the ATM, then, if you want to use the ATM, you can send it to 3 by clicking on the PIN and then blocking the ATM.
    The LCD screen has eroded with the result of zero.
    If your password is wartime, then you will have to use a password to use a word from the site that will send a password or any other password.
    If you want to synchronize Gmail with your contacts, return to the end of the contact you are loading.
    To set the song alarm, set the song to your song and you can not even play it.
    You can search Ctrl F to search for any other page in the browser.
    I have a qualification of 3 grades for Jarur Pade, so I still have a grade.

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Pakistan / Foreign Ministry website hack, officers suspect India

Islamabad. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry website has been hacked. The officers of the ministry informed about this. According to Pak Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal, people from many countries told that they could not open the website. Pak officials have feared hacking from India.
Trying to open website

    Faisal told that the IT team is busy trying to open the website. However, the website is running in Pakistan without any difficulty.

    According to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the UK and Netherlands have difficulty in opening the website. Three months after the Pulwama attack, there is news of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry's website being hacked.

    On Thursday, the militant of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Adil Ahmed Dar, collided with a CRPF bus carrying a 80 kg RDX bus in Pulwama, Kashmir. In it, 39 people sitting in the bus fell dead. Apart from this, a young man from the Road Opening party was also martyred. There were 78 vehicles in the CRPF convoy

    After the attack, India took away the status of Most Favored Nation from Pakistan. More than 50 countries have condemned the attack. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that every Indian's blood has been boiling after the attack. They were given full exemption for when and how the Indian army would take action. The punishment of the attackers will definitely be found.

In this way, create your old car in a completely new way, the result will fly like a sensation.

Everyone wants his car to be always shining. Who likes scratches and stain spots on the car. But in today's time, can all people keep their cars always new? Perhaps the answer to this question is a bit difficult, but not impossible at all. Today technological and research has evolved so that with just a little care, you can keep your car fresh forever.

Perhaps you might be wondering how this is possible. So tell you that a firm named 3M Car Care has registered its presence across the country. This firm makes your car brand new with its superior technical and skill. Bangalore's Coremongla 3M Car Care, also known as Triple M Car Care, invited our Drivespark team and gave a chance to know how the company makes any old car brand new .
In this way, create your old car in a completely new way, the result will fly like a sensation.

Our team was also very excited for this superior test. The old model of the 2010 model Mercedes-Benz C Class was in front of our team. Which had become obsolete over time. Although its owner had kept it in high maintenance, no difference in its driving was yet to come. But the body was telling itself the story of his age. This gray gray car was brought in 3M car care where the car was to be given complete makeover.
In this way, create your old car in a completely new way, the result will fly like a sensation.

On the invitation of the company, our team reached the workshop of 3M Car Care and looked at the makeover of this made by them. After all, how did 3M give your car a new look, its every step and process was studied intensely. Anything that our team experienced during this period was undoubtedly a chowk. So let us now tell you about this experience, with the help of which you will also make your year-old car completely new.

Pregnancy is Cold Drink Drinking Cravings, Drinking More By Miskeries

In pregnancy, women need better care as well as good care. During this time there is a need to take special care of sugar, blood pressure and weight. 

Sometimes due to lack of information and due to the craving, women eat some such things that can harm their health. In such a case, it is necessary to take special care that the mother who is going to eat should not eat anything that has a bad effect on her child. 

During pregnancy, many women have a soft gum crunching. But do you know how dangerous it can be to drink soft drinks in pregnancy? In pregnancy, drinking soft drinks, soda and other sugary drinks can cause children to complain about obesity. Experts believe that the body mass index of children who are having soft drinks in pregnancy every day is very high. 

Let's know what can be the risk of drinking cold drinks during pregnancy. Artificial flavor and preservatives Artificial flavor and preservatives Most of the soft drinks contain artificial flavors and preservatives. Artificial sweetener is also mixed in the diet soda. Excessive amount of consumption of any of these (Sugar Substitutes, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors and Colors) is not suitable for pregnant women. In addition, there is a high degree of caloric intake in soft. 
No nutrients are obtained from this. Most Read: Chewing and sucking sounds, it seems to be chilling, know what the disease is, how much caffeine should you use?

 How much caffeine should be used? Experts advise that pregnant women get 200 mg daily Caffeine should not be consumed more than. This amount is equivalent to two cups of instant coffee or four cups of tea or five cans per day. Note the amount of caffeine you drink in it (tea, coffee or cola). Also in the day other things like caffeine are present in chocolate and chocolate drinks. So keep in mind the amount of total caffeine consumption in a day.

You are also a tea lover, you do not even drink tea while these mistakes

There is no shortage of tea lovers in our country, many people are like those who just want to pretend to drink tea. According to each season we get tea and many varieties of tea. Like our country variations, the taste of tea changes as the city changes. And the smell of tea changes as soon as the climate changes.

Image result for tea

But many of us are people, who often make many mistakes while drinking tea. But these mistakes can be very heavy on you. Let's know what many of us do when making tea while drinking tea
Do not drink empty stomach tea

Many of us drink empty stomach tea. Due to this increase in acidity, there can be serious diseases such as free radicals and cancer and early aging can occur.
Do not make mistakes while making tea

It is necessary to boil it well while making tea but not boiling extra. Drinking by boiling or hardening tea is the biggest mistake. This method causes acidity. For this, boil water well and put tea leaves in it before it is flushed.
Do not drink tea after eating

Some people get used to it, just after eating food, drinking tea But this method is even more wrong then. By doing this, the nutrients found in your body will not be absorbed when you eat food.
Drink in a limited amount

Excessive intake of tea is harmful. In some ways tea is absolutely like alcohol, which does activate your muscles but its consumption is extremely harmful. Take it for a limited amount.
Do not use much of the tea masala

Using some drugs such as basil etc. can also be a mistake in tea, because caffeine present in the tea prevents the absorption of the properties of these drugs.

You also use mouthwash, use its sneakers

There are many of us who are using liquid mouth freshener after brushing teeth regularly for oral cleaning and care. But you would be surprised to know that using more of the mouth freshener can prove to be dangerous for health.

Like most toothpastes, sodium lauryl sulphate is used in some mouthwash to clean teeth in the mouthwash and to eliminate mouth odor. The use of which reduces the formation of nitric oxide in the mouth, and it destroys the body's metabolism, which increases the risk of serious illness like diabetes to a great extent.
Disease increases risk

It has been claimed in a report that people who use mouthwash at least twice a day, the risk of diabetes increases by 55 percent compared to other people.

Research has proven that in 80% of cases there is no need of mouthwash or any chewing gum when mouth odor arrives. The main reason for smelling hairs is bacteria that is in your tongue and it is very important to clean it daily. Apart from this, food particles remain in the middle of the teeth, which can be removed only by brushing them. Using this mouthwash does not make any special use.

Losses from mouthwash

Makes the mouth dry

Mouth can become dry due to mouthwash. Using high-alcohol alcohol mouthwash makes your mouth dry. Thereby may be the problem of breathlessness with cavity.
Problems of acne in the mouth
Problems of acne in the mouth

The mouthwash has high levels of alcohol with antibacterial properties that can cause pain in the tissue inside the mouth. Therefore, alcohol-based mouthwash should not be used. It can also cause blisters in the mouth.

Oral Health Problems

Using mouthwash, you do not know about many oral problems. When you use mouthwash everyday, it hides the problem of bad breath, due to which you can not get it treated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

China will not sell aircraft carriers, denied news

China on Thursday denied media reports that Beijing was planning to sell its first aircraft carrier 'Running' to Pakistan. China has said that other nations have to adhere to the strict principles before exporting their navy ship.

Terrorist Islamic country, giving any kind of financial support to Pakistan is a cause of concern for India and other neighboring countries, so no ordinary goods to Pakistan ... +

On February 10, a Pakistani daily had quoted the Chinese and Russian media reports, "The Chinese government has decided to sell its first and only aircraft to Pakistan ... to increase the capacity of the Pakistan Navy, in the unexpected prices being given.' This move by China will make Pakistan's navy stronger than India. Indian Navy has an Operation Aircraft Carrier. It was further stated in the report that after upgrading 'Launing' to a large level, it will be recycled to Pakistan.

On giving the statement on the report, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said, "I have not yet seen the report about which you are talking about. But while selling its navy ship to other countries, China has always been following its rules and principles. "

It was also stated in this report that the Pakistani army has a close relation with China and China is now building 4 modern navy vessels for Pakistan. However, Chinese military experts dismissed reports of selling lounging to Pakistan. According to the news published in China's Global Times, the Chinese government has never made such a deal and there is no such plan. It was also reported in the news that the report of the Chinese media quoted in the Pakistani newspaper could not find the Global Times reporter.

A Chinese military expert and commentator Sog Jongping told the Global Times that the allegations are baseless and completely false. This first aircraft carrier from China comes in both training and warfare, so the probability of reselling it is zero. Song said that China does not have extra carrier to sell Pakistan.

Launing is China's only aircraft carrier that works now. This is China's first career which was fully developed in the country and it is known as type-2001A and it is still on sea trials.

There are reports of China working on third aircraft carrier yet. However, there are reports that by 2030-2035 China will have less work aircraft carriers, in which two nuclear powered The Global Times said that the Chinese Ministry of Defense has not yet disclosed any plans related to future careers.

Despite the dialogue, the Taliban agreed not to make peace on Afghan peace, we are bound to war

Despite the dialogue, the Taliban agreed not to make peace on Afghan peace, we are bound to war
The Afghan Taliban have said that despite the ongoing negotiations with the US and other regional powers, so far no such conclusions have been reached, due to which the US and its allies

Islamabad, Patr. The Afghan Taliban has said that despite the negotiations with America and other regional powers, so far no such conclusions have been reached, so that the apathy against America and its allies is over immediately. This has been said in a media news.

We are bound to war: Taliban spokesman

Don News TV launched a video of Taliban spokesman Zaibullah Mujahid, in which he was saying, 'We are bound to war.' Our enemies are attacking us, then we are also fighting against them. "After the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, the coalition forces led by the US led a campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Since then, the Taliban is currently the most powerful in the war-affected Afghanistan and it is in control of about half of the country.

6 days last talk in Doha

After six days of talks with the Taliban delegates last month, Special Representative Jahlam Khaliljad, a special US representative for Afghanistan's reconciliation agreement, said in a tweet that the US has made remarkable progress in peace talks with the Taliban. Khaliljad had said that we have made a draft of the framework, but it must be considered before making it a form of agreement. He said the Taliban would prevent Afghanistan from becoming the platform of international terrorist groups.

War for more than 17 years

Khaliljad was appointed in September. Since then, he has met all the parties in an effort to eliminate this longest war in America. America has lost more than 2,400 soldiers in this war for more than 17 years. According to the news of the channel, Mujahid says that such a concrete was not found even in Moscow talks, due to which he could eliminate war and military pressure.

Initiative talks between US and Taliban

He stressed that the Taliban is negotiating with America on their own initiative. According to the channel, a question asked about the timing of the talks, the militant commander said that earlier, the Taliban had asked Washington to negotiate rather than a war. Mujahid said that he also opened a political office in Qatar in Doha in Qatar for talks, but Washington was not interested in negotiating. The spokesman said that now America wants to negotiate, then they decide to negotiate with them.

On being asked about Pakistan's role in persuading the Taliban to negotiate, Mujahid said no role is being played on behalf of any external country. It has always been our initiative and policy. He however said that during the Soviet invasion, Pakistan has been an important center for Afghan refugees.

Sibagatullah Mujadidi becomes Afghan President from Mujahideen

Kabul, AFP Sibagatullah Mujaddadi (92), who became Afghanistan's first president after the fall of the Soviet forces and the fall of communist rule, died on Monday. He was ill for a long time. He had fought against the Soviet Union and had reached the Presidential position from the Mujahideen commander.

Mujaddi was commander of the US-backed Mujahideen faction fighting for nearly a decade against Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. On receiving the news of the death, many Afghan leaders including former President Hamid Karzai reached Mujadidi's house and expressed his condolences.

Afghanistan's Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah wrote on Mujadidi's Twitter: "He had an important role in all national issues. His legacy will be part of the history of Afghanistan. ' The withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan took place on February 15, 1989. Mujadidi, who led the Afghan National Liberation Front in 1992, was elected the Interim President.

Made in France 6500 years ago, the first Stonehenge, not even from earthquakes,

Made in France 6500 years ago, the first Stonehenge, not even from earthquakes,
For a long time, scientists were trying to figure out how the knowledge of creating such structure was spread in these areas.

Washington, Agency. Many structures have been constructed in many countries of Europe by standing huge rocks and large stones in a special shape. These are called Stonehenge. It is said that they were made by humans of stone age. In Britain, a similar structure in Wiltshire is included in UNESCO's global heritage list. In the coastal areas of France, Spain, Britain, Scandinavia and Ireland, there are such smallest 35 thousand structures.

These structures, which are not equipped with tissue in the earthquake, are not only tourist attractions but also for archaeologists. For a long time, scientists were trying to figure out how the knowledge of creating such structure was spread in these areas. After all, the secret is upset with this secret.

According to Betina Schulz Paulson, a scientist of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, this kind of structure was built in France about 6,500 years ago. From there, the way to build these structures reached other countries. Betina has claimed that after analyzing the 2,140 radio carbon dates of the stone age rocks, this claim is made.

Emergency of fear of polar beers on the island of Russia, people living in homes

Moscow, JNN In the remote area of ​​Russia, Nova Jimiya island, dozens of people have been roasted polar beers. So, people are forced to stay closed in the houses. There are also reports that hunger polar beers attacked some people. In view of this, the officials have set up a team of experts, who have been emergency in the area, who can remove the beers from there.

Nearly three thousand people live in the Novaya Jemlia Archipelogo, an island region near the Archipelago Ocean. The people here appealed to the local authorities for help, after which teams were deployed to remove polar beers from the area and the emergency was imposed in view of the safety of the people. Local administration chief Jigansha Mushin said that the bears are following people.

The deputy head of the area Alexander Minayev said that people are scared and are unable to get the courage to leave their homes. Parents are not sending their children to school. In one footage it can be seen that polar beers have been forced to eat the left-wing food from the local garbage.

Earlier in the year 2016 there was a similar incident. At that time, the team investigating the weather was trapped in the remote area, Trinoy for two weeks. During that time, the herd of polar beers surrounded them. Let's say that the prevalence of polar beers in Russia is banned so that they can not be killed even when they appear in residential areas. The government has refused to license them to shoot.

Presidential candidate and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren attacked the trump, said this big thing

Presidential candidate and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren attacked the trump, said this big thing
Elizabeth Warren said that President Donald Trump may not be able to complete his term until next year's election and may not be free even then.

Washington, Agency. In America, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has formally started a campaign for the presidential election to be held in 2020 next year. Warren launched the campaign by attacking President Donald Trump. He said that President Donald Trump may not be able to complete his term till next year's election and he may not be free even till the election day.

Warren said while addressing a public meeting during a campaign campaign in the US state of Iowa, "Trump may not be president as long as we reach 2020. It can also happen that he should not be free either. ' According to the information, Warren explained it in another program in detail. Warren, referring to the investigation conducted by Special Attorney Robert Mueller about Russian intervention in the 2016 election, said, "How many cases are being investigated against him at this time?" Now Muller is not only investigated. '

They said, they are surrounded by serious investigations everywhere, so let's see what happens. Earlier on Sunday in the program of Sedar Rapids, Warren said, "The country is in a dangerous phase. So what happens in 2020, it will decide the direction of our country and people. '

Let America Senator Elizabeth Warren declare to form a search committee for the president on Monday. After this he became the first leader of the Democratic Party to show his desire to contest the 2020 election. In the mid-term elections held in November, Warren has been elected again from Massachusetts. He is known as President Donald Trump's bitter critic

Five women fielded against Trump
In this election to be held in early 2020, five women are against the trump. Trump will be fought from Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren, from New York to Senator Kirsten Gilbert and Minnesota Senator Amy Klochure. Apart from these, two senators of Indian origin, Kamla Harris from California and Hindu women's member from Hawaii in Congress are among the leaders of the Tulsi Gabbard Democratic Party, who are seen as potential candidates to challenge Trump.

68 million girls around the world are at risk of circumcision, know why and how to do Khatna

Circumcision is done with newborn babies and up to 15 years of age. The upper part of the penis of the newborn infant (male) is removed. Which does not come back again. At the same time, the chitoris of the child's cunt is removed.
News News Desk, Updated: February 7, 2019 10:35 AM

68 million girls around the world are at risk of circumcision, know why and how to do Khatna

Worldwide 68 million girls are at risk of circumcision: WHO

If this practice continues in the countries where circumcision is prevalent in Khatna, 6.8 million girls can become victims of circumcision by 2030. This is the assessment of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the news agency Efe, on February 6, the United Nations has declared International Women's Genital Circumcision International Genital Mutilation (International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation). On this occasion, WHO appealed to the international community to take steps against female genital circumcision. The organization cautioned that where this practice is prevalent, girls are more at risk.

The WHO said through a tweet on this occasion, "Women's rights are violated because of female genital mutilation." It should now be stopped. "

WHO spokesman Tariq Jasarev said in Geneva, "The date of the assurance by the United Nations on February 6 reminds that there is a need to try to end the practice of female genital circumcision, because it affects 200 million women and girls . "

Most people are affected by it in almost 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where its practice is involved in the cultural and religious traditions of it.

On February 7th, Rose Day, know the special things related to this first day of the Valentine Week

Let's say, circumcision is done with newborn infants and girls up to 15 years of age. The upper part of the penis of the newborn infant (male) is removed. Which does not come back again. At the same time, the chitoris of the child's cunt is removed. According to the communities of circumcision, circumcision of women is eliminated in them by the desire of sex. Through this process, their movements do not deteriorate and they are more loyal to their husbands.

Facebook launches 'unsensate' feature, such messages will be deleted forever

Image result for fb
San Francisco:

Social networking site Facebook has released an 'Unsend' feature for its messaging app, Messenger, which will allow users to delete their messages within 10 minutes of chat thread. The Verge report stated, "Facebook has said that the new feature will be available in the latest version of their Messenger on iOS and Android (Android). The company said that the new power of Zuckerberg Based on this, but there has been some improvement in providing mass functionality to the people on Messenger. "

68 million girls around the world are at risk of circumcision, know why and how to do Khatna

This is similar to the Unsend feature of WhatsApp. This feature gives users two options. First 'Remove For Everyone' and 'Second Remote for You'. These options are now also available on Messenger.

Facebook-owned Photo-Messaging App Instagram (Instagram) is already supporting 'unsensate' capability and gives users the ability to delete messages sent in a personal or group chat.

Consent to build wall on US-Mexico border, Trump gets $ 1.4 billion in funding

Washington: There has been an agreement between US lawmakers to prevent government work from being stalled and to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Under the agreement on Monday night, President Donald Trump will get only $ 1.4 billion in funding to build a wall. According to parliamentary colleagues, the Republican Party of Trump did not want to let the government function back in any situation. In such a situation, they had to compromise with the amount of money to build the wall. Trump demanded $ 5.7 billion for this, but he is getting very little about $ 1.4 billion. With this money, only 55 miles long fencing can take place. It will be a steel fence while Trump promised to build a concrete wall. The White House talked of building a 215-mile long wall in December. The wall will be built in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with the sum of the agreement on Monday.

Donald Trump speaks at the State of Union address: I will make a wall on the US-Mexico border

Richard Shelby, chairman of the Senate's Appropriation Committee, said, "The theoretical agreement between us has become". Nita Lovie, chairman of the Appropriation Committee of the House, said, "Our employees are working on the details". Its detailed information will be formally released on Tuesday or thereafter. Significantly, this agreement between the MPs has again happened this weekend between the threat of government stalling. The colleagues say that due to temporary being, the information about the agreement is not being made public, it is being kept confidential. In this agreement, the use of new technologies like better sorting on entry points on the border, demand of Democratic Party of humanitarian aid and deployment of additional customs officials etc. have also been included.

Saudi Prince Salman's personal belongings reached five trucks, Pakistan is making such arrangements to stop such arrangements.

Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Muhammad bin Salman) is about to reach Pakistan soon. Salman is coming to a two-day trip to invest billions of dollars in Pakistan. About 5 trucks will be brought from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for this.

Saudi prince Salman's personal belongings reached five trucks, Pakistan is making such arrangements to stop such arrangements.

Saudi Prince Salman is bringing 5 trucks GYM machine and furniture on Pak tour
new Delhi:

Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Muhammad bin Salman) is about to reach Pakistan soon. But before that his personal belongings have reached Islamabad. Rajkumar's luggage has reached 5 trucks. These trucks have their own exercise machines, furniture, clothes and personal items. According to media reports, it is expected that Salman can deal with the billions of dollars invested in Pakistan during this visit.

Shahbad Salman of Saudi Arabia is going to visit Pakistan this week. Due to security reasons, the scheduled date of arrival is not shown.

Saudi emperor Mohammed bin Salman can come to India

According to Dawn News, this is the first visit to Saudi Arabia's sahajade Mohammad bin Salman in Pakistan. Earlier, he had come to Pakistan as Defense Minister.
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Salman will stay in the Prime Minister's house in Pakistan The two largest hotels in Islamabad have been booked for the employees of Saudi Shehzade. Apart from this, the other two hotels have been booked for the Shahzade party.

Mohammed bin Salman will invest billions of dollars in Pakistan with Prime Minister Imran Khan here. After this he will meet other senior citizens and military leaders.

In Saudi Arabia's Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi, Saudi Arabia's Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi, in Saudi Arabia's consulate in Turkey, Saudi Arabia's Muhammad bin Salman (Mohammad bin Salman), in the behavior of the international community in the case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi Murder in Saudi Arabia, There is enough criticism.

This is not the first time that a king or a prince of a country has come to discuss his belongings. Earlier Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdul Azeez had taken a gold escalator with him on a Moscow tour. Not only that, Kim Jong reached with his Portable Toilet to meet American President Donald Trump.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The first rule of success; Do not run, just wake up

In today's world very few people see true passion. All the people in this cave of modernization want to burst. Often we hear and hear such stories in newspapers, news channels that overnight success has led many people to move. By seeing and hearing such stories, we also feel that we also get all those things as soon as possible.

According to writer Leonard Pitts: "Often, seeing people's success, we feel that getting big names or succeeding is a left-handed game because we do not have any idea of ​​hard work and perseverance behind their success. . . . We only see success and success.

But what does true passion mean? True passion means' in any condition, in spite of failures or problems, to remain firm or engaged in its purpose or work. This story of Einstein is an example of true passion;


Whenever great scientist Elbert Einstein used to do any work, he was lost in that work. They were not aware of any other work. Once he was doing any work in his laboratory, his wife came with food for him. Seeing them lost in work, they left their plate on a table. They thought that whenever they get out of work they will eat food. Along with that Einstein's co-friends were also involved in the work. Seeing the food plate, their appetite got worse and they left Einstein and went to eat food. They also ate the food of Einstein with their food. Einstein was engaged in his work with complete perseverance. When he dealt with his work, he went to his table to eat the food and he saw all the vessels empty. They thought that I had eaten the food and after drinking water, I got back to work. All his colleagues became interested in their perseverance towards work. This is true passion for work

    Lord Krishna in the Gita says that it is extremely difficult to cross his illusion. It is not possible for every creature to cross or pass his maya. But if the heart is strong in the heart, then God also stands behind you and impossible work is also possible.

value of life

In a Gurukul, the master was teaching on life, then a disciple asked his master that what is the value of life and how it is decided?

The master gave a bright stone to his disciple and told him to go and know the value of this bright stone. You will get the answer to your question, but to take care of one thing, this stone is not to be sold. The disciple first went to the market and showed him a fruit. He went to the fruitful person with that bright stone and said what is the value of this stone?
Seeing that bright stone, fruit said, "Take two kilos of fruit and give this stone to me"

The disciple further showed the stone to a vegetable person and asked for its price. The vegetable looked at that bright stone and told him to take a sack of vegetables and leave this bright stone to me.

The disciple went to a goldsmith and showed him bright stones. The goldsmith looked at that bright stone and said, sell it to 50 lakhs. The disciple also refused him, then gave gold in a million rupees or give it to tell you how much it needs. The disciple told that goldsmith that I want to apologize. I can not sell this because my guru has refused to sell it.

The disciple went to a jeweler who sold a large diamond and showed him a bright stone. Johari saw the stone and told the disciple that it was a precious ruby. She lay a red colored cloth near Ruby, and then the stone that is orbiting the precious Ruby, and spreading her forehead.
The jeweler told the disciple that this is a very rarely found Ruby. Where have you brought this? For this, even millions of rupees are less.
The disciple was shocked and disturbed and went straight to his master and then told all the talk and said please please tell me what is the value of life of guru
The master said:
On display of the fruit, he described it as "2 kg fruit".
When he went to the vegetable person, he called it "a sack of vegetables".
The goldsmith further declared "one million" and jeweler prized it.
Similarly, the value of life is also the value of life.

You are undoubtedly like a diamond. But the front will always put your price on your status - your information - according to your understanding. The value of life is invaluable. Nobody can afford it

Therefore, if someone criticizes your ability at any point of life or you feel rejected, do not panic because you will also find people who recognize you in the world.

A Guide to Critical Illness Insurance

We always think that serious illness only happens to other people, but unfortunately it is not so, and sometimes the diagnosis can be serious - for example, cancer, kidney failure or weak immune disease. Just to make you more happy ... Treatment for such situations is often long and costly, affects the quality of life and prevents us from continuing for a while.

Whether it is a work breadwinner or a family in the house, it can be a financially financial, as well as an emotional toll on the family. All the costs included in all health insurance are not included, especially if you have family history of these situations, or there is unpaid medical leave, but there is a special insurance to help you cope. The Expat Insurance team lowers us.
What is Critical Illness Insurance?

This is an add-on or "rider" which can be taken on the existing life insurance policy. If you come with an illness, you will receive a payment to cover your medical bills and to keep you safe.
Why is it so important?

Treatment for severe diseases is expensive! Although the management of illness is usually done under health insurance policies in Singapore, but when you go through treatment and recovery, there is no loss of income from it. Management and recovery from cancer is a long process. First of all, in addition to surgery, there are sometimes treatments to consider. Until then, the cost of clinical trials, rehabilitation, surveillance and ongoing follow-up of the doctor happens until you return to the clear and healthy self. These costs can be added very quickly and can be an important financial burden if no plan has been made to accommodate them.

Apart from this, if you live abroad, you do not have the only opportunity to help friends and family. The lack of these support networks is an often overlooked factor. If you had returned home, you might need to spend more money to help.
Expat Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Patient and Family
Get help with your medical bills
What are the different types of covers?

There are basically two types of cover - serious illness (which only stops one-time payments) and multi-pay coverage (which will make a one-time payment but also make additional payments). Which is best for your family, it will depend on your family history, medical coverage and financial recovery and the cost of treatment. For serious illness cover, as the name suggests, a one-time payment will be made when you are diagnosed with advanced stage disease (for example, in case of cancer, after phase 3).

Those with a history of serious illnesses or who lack adequate emergency savings should consider multi-stage / multi-pay coverage. There are many types of multi-payment options, but they often pay for example many times, if cancer is treated and reappears. Depending on the policy, you can usually use your cover before reaching important steps.
Who needs it?

Everyone! Whether you are young or old, single or dependent A good rule of thumb is that if you have a person who is financially or dependent on you, then critical illness cover is a must. If you were admitted to the hospital yesterday, how would your family cope? Making adequate plans is important, so if this happens, then there will be only one thing to worry about those for whom you are responsible and those you love most.

Five Questions to Ask Your Suit Tailor

Going for a bespoke suit? great choice! But with all the clothes you choose, changes and custom details, where do you start on earth?

We spoke to The Buscom Club's Chief Fashion Advisor - Ricky Rawat, who is one of Singapore's extraordinary - about the five major questions that you should ask your tailor.

Men's suits in Singapore, men's tailor in Singapore, where suits are changed in Singapore

What color should my first suit be?
A good rule of thumb is to stick to classic colors and patterns that never go out of style; The suit of the suit will be as rugged, you will wear that less. Personally, I recommend an unrelated navy or wood charcoal for your first pre-suit. Both shades are important enough that you are enough to take out an important business meeting at night in the city.

Should I choose a two-or three-piece style?
Being a conservative, I always advise that your first betweep suit should be a three-piece This is a complete suit that you can wear with or without vest - this option is great. Eventually, however, a good tailor will assess your lifestyle and routine, and will determine which style is best for you.

What is the best way to take care of a suit?
Always keep your suites in a well ventilated place, never put in plastic dry-cleaning bags. Also, try to limit it to how often you let your suits dry twice or four in a year. For crease removal, steaming is always considered better for ironing because it has a lot of genders on the fabric.

How much fittings do I need?
In the absurd club, we usually look at three fittings. If a customer needs more, then we will adjust accordingly. During the first fitting, 24 to 26 measures are taken. On the other hand, an analog suit is tried, and we make adjustments and changes at this level where necessary. Until the third meeting, the suit is generally well adjusted and finalized, but we still check the fit so that it is sure that it is immaculate and you are happy with your choice. In the description, the proverb, the devil underlines our ethos.

Which style would suit my body type?
For a small or stockier type of body, we recommend slim relationships and narrow lapels, and stick to a single-breasted suit jacket. The trouser should have very little break in the foot, and the first button should be less than normal. All these details will prolong the body.

Tailors and slimmers should wear two-button suits with high lapels, and their proportion is broad and slightly smaller to balance. The light color will add bulk to the slimmer frame. I advise to avoid shoulder pads, because they can strengthen your frame. To prevent the feet from looking for long, keep the trousers liberal, or alternatively choose the option of turn-ups (cough).

Men should wear their shirts on large material, and clean the roomer suit because the extra material adds bulk. Pocket Square is a great way to pay attention to the stomach area. Apart from this, I advise to leave your jacket without leaving it and to avoid slim relationships.

Follow her heart for a business

Using the Eastern tradition with a modern aesthetic, Manjrie's generous fine jewelry design empowers artisan communities in India. They say that every piece of jewelery tells a story. For entrepreneur Manjari Gupta, his personal collection is his way of connecting with his roots and remembering the moments. "Even before I became a designer, I am always fascinated by the work of artisans in India and am fascinated by the old world heritage."

A decade ago, he was tired of his job as a computer science engineer. While making a leap of confidence, he decided to leave his established career behind and enrolled in the gymnasium in Gemology at the International Gemological Institute (IGG). "At that time, I knew that I was always fascinated by diamonds, jewels and precious stones, so I thought why not?"
Manjari Gupta, owner of Jewelery Store in Singapore
Manjari Gupta - "My inspiration was always to give back the force behind starting this business, and to help create craftsmanship for artisans from India in India."

After qualifying, he designed his eyes. Displaying a distinction for a brand, which combines traditional Indian elements with a chic beauty, later started working on designs for what will be the enormity: With the modern silhouette of the West, the ex-foreign elements Melting her nominated fine jewelry label

The eye-catching collection of labels provides sets of necklaces, bracelets and rings, handcrafted in gold or silver and with diamonds, polki diamonds or precious gems, which are carefully citrus. His ready-to-wear lines display Lux design with a more fashionable finish as well as a fashion-forward but low-priced Sterling Silver Range; There is something for all the taste and budget.

What is more, the production of Manjari supports the independent artisans in their country of India. "To start this business, I had to always give back a driving force, and to help create the opportunity for craftsmen from craft families in India. Rather than missing the skills, their next generation can retain tradition rather than establish big cities to earn livelihood. Through design opportunities, Manjari helps keep that heritage alive. "

When it comes to a design approach, she says that this idea is for "season-less" designs; "We only make some signature pieces that we repeat." After a lot of demand, Manjhi has also started taking aspiration commission for special occasions such as engagement, weddings, Valentine's Day or anniversary.

The charm of Manjari jewelery is that every design tells a beautiful story. Take Navratni Lotus Bracelet, the first piece that he designed for his launch: handcrafted in Rajasthan, its nine gems (including red tourmaline, yellow citrine, green avenurein and blue iolite) in Sanskrit as "Navaratna" Known, and they are symbols of Vedic (ancient Hindi) nine planets in astrology. The centerpit is 18-carat gold, which is engraved in lotus flower, which is considered a symbol of purity of body, mind and speech in Buddhism.

Another eye-catching team is the Victorian Rootety and Diamond Earrings. Taking inspiration from the Victorian era, each piece is made with a magnificent cut diamond and 14-carat gold with a natural Rootile set.

After going to Singapore two years ago, Manjari has taken entrepreneurship in his progress while showing his collection at the jewelery exhibition and enjoying joining in custom projects. What's in store for the future? "One thing is certain. Whatever design we make, I want them to be meaningful, come back, cheer customers and show the world that traditional craftsmanship can still look premium, desirable and stylish."


IIT is called the Indian Institute of Technology in Hindi, which has 23 engineering colleges in India! One of the institutions of national importance is one, and has been established by the Government of India!

IIT Details in Hindi - There are a total of 11,279 seats (2018) for these B.Tech courses in 23 institutes! Read more from the same institution in big companies of the world, engineers get crores rupees! Not only this, the most famous engineering college in the world, this is the name of the following:

Name of all IIT colleges in India

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
    Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar
    Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
    Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar
    Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
    Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur
    Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
    Indian Institute of Technology, Indore
    Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
    Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi
    Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad
    Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati
    Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad
    Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai
    Indian Institute of Technology, Goa
    Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu
    Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad

India's oldest or first IIT college, 1951 was established, which is named Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur! Five new IITs were established in 2016, which is located in Dhanbad, Bhilai, Goa, Jammu and Dharwad!

How to get IIT admission

To study at the undergraduate level in IIT, two stages have to undergo the hard entrance exams! For which lakhs of people prepare for this exam!
IIT Course in Hindi

Number of Phase of Entrance Examination - IIT Entrance Exam is organized in two phases, the name of the first stage is Maine whereas the second step is Advance! Top 1.5 lakh students of JEE Main Exam (Main) get an opportunity to get advanced test!

Joint Entrance Examination i.e. JEE organizes the entrance test for students of all India! In these successful candidates got admission in IIT, NIT, CFT, SFI and other participating engineering colleges for B.Tech. And B.Arch / B. Planning courses. is !

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) used to conduct the Joint Entrance Exam for IIT till now! According to the latest announcements of the Government of India, the entrance test for IIT will conduct National Testing Agency twice a year!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How Creating Classroom Posters

A few months ago we posted a list of some powerful web tools that used to make educational travelers and posters here. Today, we were reminded by Britain that the popular Lucidpress provides a very good poster maker that teachers can use to create professional-looking posters for their class. Lucidpress Poster Creator is easy to use web tools with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows teachers to design beautiful posters and flyers to use in the classroom.

In addition to the premium template, Lucidor Creator offers a variety of inspirational templates to use with your posters. You have the flexibility to customize the size of your poster the way you want it. All poster templates in Lucidpress are set to 18 "x 24". Easy-to-learn image and text editing capabilities offered by Lucidpress make posters a pleasant artistic endeavor. Lucidpress also has a section where you can access some useful tips to help you create visually appealing posters.

The free lucidpress scheme only provides 25MB of storage space and some other features, basic and supportive schemes have more advanced features and storage capacity which goes up to 5 GB.

How can movies make children's character

Has your child ever abused the chipmunks movies like Alvin? Or a mean girl like her friend doll doll? Please do not mind. Children pick up all kinds of things from movies. But they can only absorb positive messages easily. The trick is finding movies that teach your children the necessary ingredients to learn. And, if you know a little bit about how children learn from movies, then you can make sure they get the right lessons.

Fortunately, you do not need to look far away for character-producing films. In many popular pics, his story lines have lessons like inherent gratitude, humility and integrity. And if you are worried that the lack of self-absorption, immediate satisfaction, and sympathy are the prevailing characteristics of today's digital children, then these films are the right solution. (Learn more about using media to promote social-emotional learning.)

It is important to choose films that provide lessons designed for your child's age and stage of development. You can reinforce the ideas of films by talking about them, by asking questions and by sharing their values. These tips can help you to show movies that help children absorb the characteristic message:

Small children (age 2-7)

    Pick up simple story lines. Little children learn the best from the movies with a main idea, which is in the center of the plot and supported by action.
    Explain. If it was in print, the text was in bold, capitol and underline three times. Young children need that they stay happy.
    Look for human characters. Although animated films rule on the box office, little children really learn best when the human character displays a lesson. Think of the 1960s Disney movie, Polina, whose main character was so proprietary that her name was "the best for everyone".
    Try: Dear Dumb Diary, The Indian In the Cupboard, Vegetatales: Madame Blueberry

Big Kids (ages 8-9)

    keep it simple. To learn lessons from movies, the children of the primary school age group still need to see the root cause and effect of how a character's motives are linked to tasks and results.
    Find funny Children learn to laugh. This challenge is getting the films you want to learn them. Some character traits, such as curiosity, can be dealt with in humorously, as in curious George series.
    Forget the fables. While an inherent (not explicitly stated) ethical films seem obvious to parents, they are lost on children (up to the age of 9).
    Emphasize positive. See mostly positive examples of text instead of negative examples. If you want children to learn courage, for example, they need to see courage and courageous acts repeatedly and get rewarded in the entire movie.
    Tri: The Tale of the Princess Caguas, The Never Ending Story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Twins & Teenagers (age 10 years and above)

    See for relevant characters. Tweens and teens are more engaged when they can reflect themselves on the screen. For example, Clueless's main character, Cher, is perfect, this is the reason why older children when they finally learn humility, then they may be related to him.
    Look for complexity. Understand tweens and teen plots and subplots. As the children grow up, they enjoy learning through complex ideas that what a movie is actually saying.

Real tips for teaching character to children of all ages using media and techniques

As a parent, we have many expectations for our children. We want them to grow happier, lead successful lives. We hope that they will get love, maybe their own children, and pursue their dreams. But in the lower part of all these desires it is hoped that our child will turn into a decent person - someone who is kind, respectful and honest.

How do you increase these powers and simultaneously teach important skills like teamwork, communication and perseverance? For the most part, children will learn these things by following your example and through experience gained in school and in their communities. But the media is another entry point. Since movies, TV shows, books, video games and social media are such a big part of the lives of children, it is understandable that children can learn important lessons about character through the media.

Here are some specific things from which you can reinforce the character or say:

watch the game.
Not only can playing games with children be a fun way of binding for a favorite team or player, but from teamwork to firmness, there can be a right opportunity to point out character powers. After cheering on a big touchdown or basket, indicate how important the linebackers or passers score: Even if they do not get all the attention, the team will not be successful without the commendable work of the players.

Share on social media.
From Facebook and Instagram to YouTube, social media is ripe with character text. If you see a post, photo, or video of something, especially touching or beautiful, share it with your child and comment on how much courage the poster has in sharing your story or creative expression. Discuss the risks associated with keeping yourself there and how important it is to raise your (proper) risks to be right, even if you have to face criticism.

Expand your horizon.
Viewing documentaries or movies about people who live a very different life can trigger empathy, compassion and humility. During the night of a family movie, choose something from the general - about a different caste or religion person, or about a community that is less fortunate than you, or with different values ​​or beliefs in comparison to you Have a subculture - and encourage discussion later.

Play video games simultaneously
As a family, gaming provides teamwork, problem-solving, communication and perseverance, while also having fun. Choose multiplayer games where gamers need to work together to win. During the game the model is positive, respectful communication ("you idiot!" Rather than "I need help here"). If children are constantly trying to achieve the goal of the game, then you can recognize their success along with their efforts.

Take time-out.
Most of the homes are absent because different mobile devices alert us to text messaging or Instagram posts. But we can help our children to learn self-control by promptly giving feedback. The next time you hear a text message warning (and you know that this is not necessary anymore), say out loud, "I do not need to check that right now." This text can also work on social media. If you are a Twitter or Facebook user and you see something that makes you crazy, talk to your child why you do not want to react immediately ("I can say something I'm sorry because I'm upset I am "or" I "but tell your friend that it makes me bother privately rather than publicly watching Twitter ').

some ways to block porn on your child's devices

Professionals: Easy to Enabled
Cons: easy to close kids

    Set up your search engine on Google. Check settings on whatever browser your kids use (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and make sure they use Google as their default search engine. (On iPhone, go to your phone's settings, scroll down and tap on Safari, and then select Google in Chrome, in Chrome, tap or click on the three or above points of the screen).

    Enable SafeSearch. On mobile devices, open your Google app (you may need to download it). Tap on the gear icon, scroll down and tap on search settings, and then tap "Filter explicit results" under SafeSearch filter. On desktop and laptop, go to and click on Settings in the lower-right corner; Click Search Settings; And click on Turn on SafeSearch and then lock SafeSearch.

    Check all the instruments, and check from time to time. Perform phase one and two for all the devices used by your children. Regularly check the Google app or the Preferences section to make sure SafeSearch is not turned off.

Use screen timings on iPhones and iPads

Professionals: Correctly built in OS
Cons: May require constant fine tuning

    Decide how you want to enable settings. You can either ban your child's equipment (and lock them with the code so they can not change them back; see section 2 below). Or, you can remotely manage your child's phone through Apple's family sharing feature similar to other parent-control products (see steps below).

    On your child's phone or tablet Open settings on your child's device. Scroll down and tap the screen time. Select content and privacy restrictions, and then turn on that feature. Go through each setting and determine what you will allow and what you want to limit. To cut porn, drill in the Content Restrictions section and close all explicit content for all media including web content.
    Part 2: Protect pass code-settings. In Settings / Screen Time, tap Use Screen Time Passcode. Type in the four digit code your child does not know and will not guess. (If your child has already made a pass code, you will only need a number to change that thing which you know.)

    On your device. Open Settings, Tap Your Name, Scroll, and Tap on Family Share. Follow the instructions to add a family member. Once they are set up, you can control the screen time features of all iOS - including all content and privacy restrictions from your phone.

Ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Professionals: Depending on your service, settings can be applicable to TV channels as well as on the internet
Cons: Some cost money; Controls can be confusing

    Check the website or call your ISP. Those people who pay you to bring your Internet connection can offer parental controls, content filters or other screen-time-management features that will effectively limit the contact of porn. For example, Xfinity provides parental controls, website blocking and device limitations through its customer portal and app. Verizon offers a program called Smart Family, which provides parental control for monthly fees. Every company designs its own characteristics differently, so it can make some effort to find out how they work.

Set parental control

Professionals: Provide too many controls, including website blocking, screen border and even social media monitoring
Cons: Can not work on all platforms (for example, PCs and Macs) or all devices (for example, phones and networks connected to Wi-Fi on desktops); Children can find their surroundings using the easy-to-find ways

    Explore Prasad. A wide range of parental control products means that you will need to do your research which really works best for you. This chart provides a good overview of the products available and what they do.

    Review settings. Many features - such as the ability to block specific websites, restrict some domains (like a porn manufacturer), and alert you to discover that children can use "sex" - give you lots of options Are. Take advantage of the free trial (from reputable companies) so that it can know that the products address your specific needs, work with your existing equipment, and feel manageable for you.

Go to hardware route

Professionals: can monitor every device on the network, including those that are Wi-Fi-enabled and network-connected
Cons: The lack of advanced features like ultra fast connection and download speeds; Include pricey membership