Sunday, February 17, 2019

Psychologists Tricks

Psychologists tricks

Psychologists or most successful people find out the seating and walking of people around them that they are thinking about themselves and about the front. If you want to find people's thoughts with the gestures of people, then the cyclical tricks given in this slideshow will be of great value to you.

Look at the feet

If a person is sitting on your side but the feet are not on your side then understand that the person is not interested in talking to you and he wants to end this conversation or meeting immediately.

In interview

If you are going to an interview then remember, first of all in the interview or the last one. Going both of these times, you will always be in the mind of the interviewer and he will have time to listen to your talks. This technique can be useful for you in an important interview.

During the debate

During any debate, always stand behind the person or behind another person, not just standing in front of him. It goes straight to his mind and talks about that thing. This is exactly the same way when someone speaks in the middle of the crowd, then everyone's attention goes towards that. Try this trick at the time when the debate is coming out of your hands.

A miracle

A Happy Customer and a Happy Boss is completely myth and your job is to translate it into reality. In this case, the mirror will help you. Place a mirror in your shop or chamber where the customer and boss can see yourself in the mirror. Nobody wants to see their angry face. In such a situation, whenever they will get angry they will be able to see themselves in their own eyes.

Who is your close friend

Identify the close friend when you are in the group and suddenly a laugh comes and everyone is laughing. If you see someone while laughing among these laughing people, then you know that the banda considers you to be your best friend.

Tech Tricks or Life Hacks

Image result for LIFE HACK  
 Airplane mode is used to charge mobile phones if the battery is charged to charge the battery.

    If the freezer is Rakhi to Anki Life double, if I recharge the rechargeable battery.

    You can also search the Google toolbar for your "5 minute search timer" [or Google suggestions].
    The charging time is to use a mobile phone that has a mobile phone or the charger is on that the cable is hot.
    If the battery has a diameter of 6 inches, then it has a matching value, or if it is one end of the battery.
    The agar has lost its mobile battery, your airplane mode is borrowed for me. On off. I'll finish the used battery.
    If you have a computer, you can open Google Chrome Frame in the same way.
    From the site, you can send me an email about your future.
    Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Button Button I will open the Task Manager.
    If you want to delete the "PDF" file from your previous "exe" file and then delete it, you must confirm it.
    To get the size of the Youtube player, go to the Ctrl - - Click the button to get the button.
    If you have any video in the Youtube video, you will have audio discounts on the screen off.
    If you have been looking for a particular study related to, you can still have a result of the research at
    Game me ads for the band, the airplane mode in the game khelte time mobile ko airplane.
    To download a Youtube video to another, copy the URL of the video to or download it.
    If you have a hotel or a mobile phone, you can check the UBD port for the TV.
    The Android aapka Agar phone is neither silent nor silent. Find that your phone rings from the ring of my phone.
    If you open a browser in a tab, press Ctrl for Shift.
    For Wikipedia: I would like to go directly to the information link directly to "on" and "simple". Example:>
    Repeat the video playing a Youtube video or "Repeat" to "www.yy" or ".com". Example:
    ProxTube is not allowed for me, the country is not allowed for me. asks you to verify the duplicate email address or the account.
    Also delete your account by clicking on
    If you want to send me a flight number to Google, you must go to the location of your location.
    Agar Mobile holds us, the prosecutor has been lagane as usual.
    Turn on the video by pressing the keyboard on the keyboard or J.
    In 15 minutes, you can get healthy food or health if you sleep 2 beds.
    If there is not a website that blocks your school / university computer, you can use the kaxy Google Translate tray. Simply copy / paste the URL of the block
    To install the Hemsa software, configure the custom installation option, you will not be asked to install or install the toolbar toolbar.
    The use of ko microphones for headphones can also be used to record audio.
    The free part of the trial version is the date of the computer.
    If you want to call the customer service call or number key, or if you have a direct customer service officer to talk to you about the war.
    In the PowerPoint presentation, "PowserPoint Show" (ppsx) has the right to open the presentation.
    The ATM card needs to be covered, so if you want to use the ATM to call the ATM, then, if you want to use the ATM, you can send it to 3 by clicking on the PIN and then blocking the ATM.
    The LCD screen has eroded with the result of zero.
    If your password is wartime, then you will have to use a password to use a word from the site that will send a password or any other password.
    If you want to synchronize Gmail with your contacts, return to the end of the contact you are loading.
    To set the song alarm, set the song to your song and you can not even play it.
    You can search Ctrl F to search for any other page in the browser.
    I have a qualification of 3 grades for Jarur Pade, so I still have a grade.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Pakistan / Foreign Ministry website hack, officers suspect India

Islamabad. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry website has been hacked. The officers of the ministry informed about this. According to Pak Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal, people from many countries told that they could not open the website. Pak officials have feared hacking from India.
Trying to open website

    Faisal told that the IT team is busy trying to open the website. However, the website is running in Pakistan without any difficulty.

    According to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the UK and Netherlands have difficulty in opening the website. Three months after the Pulwama attack, there is news of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry's website being hacked.

    On Thursday, the militant of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Adil Ahmed Dar, collided with a CRPF bus carrying a 80 kg RDX bus in Pulwama, Kashmir. In it, 39 people sitting in the bus fell dead. Apart from this, a young man from the Road Opening party was also martyred. There were 78 vehicles in the CRPF convoy

    After the attack, India took away the status of Most Favored Nation from Pakistan. More than 50 countries have condemned the attack. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that every Indian's blood has been boiling after the attack. They were given full exemption for when and how the Indian army would take action. The punishment of the attackers will definitely be found.

In this way, create your old car in a completely new way, the result will fly like a sensation.

Everyone wants his car to be always shining. Who likes scratches and stain spots on the car. But in today's time, can all people keep their cars always new? Perhaps the answer to this question is a bit difficult, but not impossible at all. Today technological and research has evolved so that with just a little care, you can keep your car fresh forever.

Perhaps you might be wondering how this is possible. So tell you that a firm named 3M Car Care has registered its presence across the country. This firm makes your car brand new with its superior technical and skill. Bangalore's Coremongla 3M Car Care, also known as Triple M Car Care, invited our Drivespark team and gave a chance to know how the company makes any old car brand new .
In this way, create your old car in a completely new way, the result will fly like a sensation.

Our team was also very excited for this superior test. The old model of the 2010 model Mercedes-Benz C Class was in front of our team. Which had become obsolete over time. Although its owner had kept it in high maintenance, no difference in its driving was yet to come. But the body was telling itself the story of his age. This gray gray car was brought in 3M car care where the car was to be given complete makeover.
In this way, create your old car in a completely new way, the result will fly like a sensation.

On the invitation of the company, our team reached the workshop of 3M Car Care and looked at the makeover of this made by them. After all, how did 3M give your car a new look, its every step and process was studied intensely. Anything that our team experienced during this period was undoubtedly a chowk. So let us now tell you about this experience, with the help of which you will also make your year-old car completely new.

Pregnancy is Cold Drink Drinking Cravings, Drinking More By Miskeries

In pregnancy, women need better care as well as good care. During this time there is a need to take special care of sugar, blood pressure and weight. 

Sometimes due to lack of information and due to the craving, women eat some such things that can harm their health. In such a case, it is necessary to take special care that the mother who is going to eat should not eat anything that has a bad effect on her child. 

During pregnancy, many women have a soft gum crunching. But do you know how dangerous it can be to drink soft drinks in pregnancy? In pregnancy, drinking soft drinks, soda and other sugary drinks can cause children to complain about obesity. Experts believe that the body mass index of children who are having soft drinks in pregnancy every day is very high. 

Let's know what can be the risk of drinking cold drinks during pregnancy. Artificial flavor and preservatives Artificial flavor and preservatives Most of the soft drinks contain artificial flavors and preservatives. Artificial sweetener is also mixed in the diet soda. Excessive amount of consumption of any of these (Sugar Substitutes, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors and Colors) is not suitable for pregnant women. In addition, there is a high degree of caloric intake in soft. 
No nutrients are obtained from this. Most Read: Chewing and sucking sounds, it seems to be chilling, know what the disease is, how much caffeine should you use?

 How much caffeine should be used? Experts advise that pregnant women get 200 mg daily Caffeine should not be consumed more than. This amount is equivalent to two cups of instant coffee or four cups of tea or five cans per day. Note the amount of caffeine you drink in it (tea, coffee or cola). Also in the day other things like caffeine are present in chocolate and chocolate drinks. So keep in mind the amount of total caffeine consumption in a day.

You are also a tea lover, you do not even drink tea while these mistakes

There is no shortage of tea lovers in our country, many people are like those who just want to pretend to drink tea. According to each season we get tea and many varieties of tea. Like our country variations, the taste of tea changes as the city changes. And the smell of tea changes as soon as the climate changes.

Image result for tea

But many of us are people, who often make many mistakes while drinking tea. But these mistakes can be very heavy on you. Let's know what many of us do when making tea while drinking tea
Do not drink empty stomach tea

Many of us drink empty stomach tea. Due to this increase in acidity, there can be serious diseases such as free radicals and cancer and early aging can occur.
Do not make mistakes while making tea

It is necessary to boil it well while making tea but not boiling extra. Drinking by boiling or hardening tea is the biggest mistake. This method causes acidity. For this, boil water well and put tea leaves in it before it is flushed.
Do not drink tea after eating

Some people get used to it, just after eating food, drinking tea But this method is even more wrong then. By doing this, the nutrients found in your body will not be absorbed when you eat food.
Drink in a limited amount

Excessive intake of tea is harmful. In some ways tea is absolutely like alcohol, which does activate your muscles but its consumption is extremely harmful. Take it for a limited amount.
Do not use much of the tea masala

Using some drugs such as basil etc. can also be a mistake in tea, because caffeine present in the tea prevents the absorption of the properties of these drugs.

You also use mouthwash, use its sneakers

There are many of us who are using liquid mouth freshener after brushing teeth regularly for oral cleaning and care. But you would be surprised to know that using more of the mouth freshener can prove to be dangerous for health.

Like most toothpastes, sodium lauryl sulphate is used in some mouthwash to clean teeth in the mouthwash and to eliminate mouth odor. The use of which reduces the formation of nitric oxide in the mouth, and it destroys the body's metabolism, which increases the risk of serious illness like diabetes to a great extent.
Disease increases risk

It has been claimed in a report that people who use mouthwash at least twice a day, the risk of diabetes increases by 55 percent compared to other people.

Research has proven that in 80% of cases there is no need of mouthwash or any chewing gum when mouth odor arrives. The main reason for smelling hairs is bacteria that is in your tongue and it is very important to clean it daily. Apart from this, food particles remain in the middle of the teeth, which can be removed only by brushing them. Using this mouthwash does not make any special use.

Losses from mouthwash

Makes the mouth dry

Mouth can become dry due to mouthwash. Using high-alcohol alcohol mouthwash makes your mouth dry. Thereby may be the problem of breathlessness with cavity.
Problems of acne in the mouth
Problems of acne in the mouth

The mouthwash has high levels of alcohol with antibacterial properties that can cause pain in the tissue inside the mouth. Therefore, alcohol-based mouthwash should not be used. It can also cause blisters in the mouth.

Oral Health Problems

Using mouthwash, you do not know about many oral problems. When you use mouthwash everyday, it hides the problem of bad breath, due to which you can not get it treated.